You Know I ❤️ a Micro-Bible

This past Sunday John preached on how Jesus fought off the tempter using scripture. His sermon was  

 powerful as was the gift of a Bible to every congregant; a reminder for us all to employ Christ’s tactics against temptation. 

As we approach Easter and the cosmos-upending life and death of Christ it is good to pause. The Lenten Season is that brief measure. I am thrilled to embrace the more liturgical practice of Lent; the denial of something you super enjoy for 40 days. What?

That from which we abstain for these 40 days gives insight into what we treasure. I find that if nothing else Lent forces my soul into recalibration. As I miss my chocolate, glass of wine, sweets, TV, cursing, critical spirit, social media or shopping, I remind myself that nothing is worth as much to me as my Jesus. 

While I Jones for a frickin’ Chardonnay cupcake I saw an ad on TV for, could buy and Tweet about, I have my micro-Bible to focus on. How quickly God caulks our empty spaces if we will but create them. 

1 thought on “You Know I ❤️ a Micro-Bible”

  1. Another lovely post. Thanks, Jinny. I’m going to read some of John’s sermons. His photos are very nice as well.

    Love and Easter Blessings, Judy


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