Two Years Ago

This August 2nd marks the  two-year anniversary of life without Maggie Lee.  The Shreveport Times ran a piece about a few of the amazing things which have happened because of Maggie Lee for Good. http://www.shreveporttimes.com/article/20110731/OPINION0106/107310326/Jinny-Henson-Two-years-later-kindness-generosity-continue-blooming-from-tragedy

While I would give anything to have her back, and hear that that feeling subsides little as the years go by, I know that we will always be a table with three legs.  As time goes by, you learn to put the heavy stuff on one corner and just where to place the chairs in case things topple, but these gymnastics only serve to remind you of what you lost.

Then again, at least I have  a three-legged table while some people have no table at all. I am vastly aware of what I have left. August 2nd marks the one year anniversary of 6 Shreveport teenagers drowned while swimming, one mother losing three children on the same day. That is a pain I cannot fathom.

As we begin our third year of life without Maggie Lee, I have to be thankful  for God’s sustaining grace, a loving family and the most unshakable friends in the world.


4 thoughts on “Two Years Ago”

  1. No one will ever forget your angel, now heaven’s angel, and your guardian angel- Miss Sunshine. We all loved her and she continues to make the world a better place through her wonderful family who continues her kindness through “Maggie Lee For Good”! I know she is so proud of y’all and continues to watch over you. Love you!

  2. May the faith of your family continue to lift you up after the great loss of your precious Maggie Lee. Continued prayers, Judy Johnson

  3. She lives on around the world and every day someone’s day is made a little brighter because of MLFG! Your in our prayers! Love The Keeners

  4. Dear Jinny,

    Maggie Lee has touched thousands of hearts for good! Even though many never ever met her in person, her sweet spirit sings a sweet song through the caring deeds of others. Jessie Keener is our dear friend, her mother Millie is my best friend since 4th grade. The love that Jessie has shared through the Maggie Lee for Good mission has made quite an impact right here in NC. We hold you in prayer as this anniversary reminds you of Maggie Lee’s absence and physical departure from this world. How Great though is our God to keep her spirit so alive in such positive ways. You are a remarkable mother to share your soul and bear witness to your great loss but also abundant Grace. Our friends Ned and Caroline Garber lost their son Cy last November, he was 17. Jessie donated her Maggie Lee for Good funds raised for Carolina Organ Donors in part to Cy as four people’s lives were saved and /or enhanced from his organ donation. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

    The circle of life produces miracles every day. Thank you for making a constant ripple of difference in our pond.

    Peace and love in Christ,
    Neill Legg

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