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Beanie Weenie for Good

Betsy Sone Jones was my Baylor roomate. She was the subject of my post, “Just Don’t Look at it, Betsy!” which referred to our Freshman 15 which she has now marathoned off of herself. I have done no such thing. It is good for a comic to have some flaws.

This MLFG Day her school, Annie Bell Clark Primary in Tifton, GA, will once again hold a food drive. While our son like many of your kids cannot wait for the weekened to play sports, have blow out birthday parties and go to the movies, over 100 of ABC students face homes with an empty food pantry. A few years ago,  Northside B.C. of Tifton, was made aware of this situation and stepped in with a creative solution to this problem.

Every Friday, kids are discreetly given a sack of groceries to stick in their backpacks so that they will not go hungry until Monday morning. Things like Granola bars, beanie weenie and fruit cups. Because the need has increased so significantly, ABC is collecting food which will go directly to this program.

Beanie Weenie for Good. I like it.

1 thought on “Beanie Weenie for Good”

  1. Annie Belle Clark looks forward to ML4G Day each year! May Maggie Lee’s spirit of Kindness touch the lives of thousands this year again and throughout the year! God bless you Jinny, John and Jack!

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