My World View

Well, where have I been? Please forgive my hiatus. I have been writing more than ever but not on Word Press. John and I finished the manuscript for the book,  Maggie Lee for Good this past week. We both work full time and so through many early mornings and a few late nights, we have created a manuscript.

As I have recounted the months after July 12, 2009, I know what a remarkable story has emerged from our nightmare.  Like travelers on an electric sidewalk whose inertia there’s no fighting against, we have been been carried in to a foreign land of loss. Now that we’re dumped off we can either learn to eat weird food and speak the language or clam up in our devastation and languish.

I would far rather read than write a tale like this. I still hate that I have this story to tell and wish I had a tricked-out DeLorean and some crazy-haired professor to take me back in time. Back before I knew what it was like to lose a child and even before I knew what lead to the tragedy.

I don’t have the chance to return, but I do have today. And here’s a glimpse of mine:

My morning evaporated. I knew when I was stuck in carpool drop-off choking down a breakfast bar and Mother Teresa quote book simultaneously that I had already lost the battle. Even waking at 5 a.m. wasn’t enough time for me to pray and slog through my pre-work punch-list.

My day unraveled and left me feeling like an empty can of silly string. It was so serious that after the whistle blew, I was compelled to ride my bike.  The beautiful day through which I had been sleep running begged to be appreciated.

Jack dutifully pumped my tires, reconnected the basket and dusted off my helmet for our adventure. Now that Jack is 13 years of age I can only wonder how much longer he will be game to be seen with me and my rolling basket of chihuahua.

This beautiful sight struck me; the pure joy of my stomach ache day. This was my world view today. What did yours look like?

4 thoughts on “My World View”

  1. I could read your writings all day, every day. You have such a beautiful way of sharing your life through the written word. Thank you for sharing that part of yourself with all of us.
    Love you so!

  2. I was so happy to hear you speak last Sunday at FBCR. I had followed Maggie Lee for Good and was blessed by your talk Sunday. God bless you.

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