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A Cake Walk

Gina Rhodes Carter is one of my Steel Magnolias. She was my roommate for two years at Baylor and two years at seminary. Beautiful and sweet beyond sweet, when John and I began dating and he would tell people that he was dating Jinny, they would say,”Oh, you mean Gina, the sweet one?”

For some reason sweet was preferable to stand-up comic for guys going into the pastorate….who knew? I completely agreed that Gina was indeed the sweet one and she has only become more so with age.

Gina is a wife, mom and works on staff at a church in Austin. Her MLfG project this past October was a cake walk. She rounded up her neighbors and church friends, collected brownies and cranked out cobblers. She raised money for a place where survivors of domestic violence can live until their children reach 18.

Pictured here is a friend of hers in front of her beautiful, safe home. What a wonderful ministry to the least of these.
Life is many times far from a cake walk but we have the time, energy and talent to help carry another’s burden. Will we?



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