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The Magic Closet

The frenzied magic of Maggie Lee's Closet...where kindness is always in fashion
The frenzied magic of Maggie Lee’s Closet…where kindness is always in fashion

Maggie Lee’s Closet is a magical place. Last night Linda who is school counselor and committee member for MLC shared a heart-rending story which beautifully illustrates why this is true.

Linda was called to an area elementary school to work with a troubled student. In Linda’s words,

“The student was recently taken away from her parents and placed with the only kin who agreed to take her, an older cousin who just became a mother herself. The child is a big girl and every day she would take off her panties. The teacher became aware of this and told her that she needed to stay completely dressed during the day. The little girl continued to disobey her teacher and was set to be suspended unless she changed.”

Linda witnessed the shocking behavior as she observed the girl in her classroom. Linda escorted the child to the restroom with another adult and told her to put her panties back on. The girl showed Linda the red gashes in her upper thigh where her underwear had cut into her. A size 12, she started out the day wearing the size 8’s but sooner or later it was too much for her to take and she had to get free from them.

That is an unbelievable reality for me. Even in the salad years we had Grandmothers buying Easter dresses and supplying a constant stream of tiny cowboy boots. We had the safety net of awesome hand-me-downs and filled in with Gymboree Blowout sale items. I had a husband, a job, diaper money, a car, gas and food on my table. I was and am still so incredibly blessed.

Hundreds of friends and strangers have worked to make Maggie Lee’s Closet a reality because they feel blessed as well and want to continue God’s flow of goodness to those around them. Perhaps we cannot solve the world’s problems but as I meet the young bearers of poverty’s brunt, I know that we can do something.

Linda bagged up the solution to this young girl’s behavior issue in the simple form of donated Hanes panties, a new uniform, jacket and a note of love on Maggie Lee’s Closet stationary. A simple reminder to a displaced child that she is precious and not forgotten.

And that is magic.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Closet”

  1. thank you for reminding to always search for the cause….and not just be fixated on the result. thank you for the many kindnesses you and others perform to honor the memory of Maggie Lee. to God be the glory.

  2. Beautiful! If ever you need extra help, I can ask our youth minister to schedule one of their “Serve” days with you. He is always looking for great places to help out.

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