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Drive Thru Hot Chocolate MLFG Project

Drive Thru Hot Chocolate MLFG Project *click here for video

This is a video of Meredith & Colleen Doucet’s drive-thru hot chocolate stand they convinced their whole neighborhood to attend. The donations purchased uniforms for under resourced kids through Maggie Lee’s Closet. These girls make a difference and have a blast doing it.

 Your fifth Maggie Lee for Good Day is happening in just two weeks. I say yours because God keeps inspiring you and you keep listening to His still, small creative voice to do good on purpose on October 29th. You touch the world with His passionate pizazz and color greyed-out faces with your blush brush of kindness. You love in brilliant, fun & festive ways and that your expressions of kindness are done with Maggie Lee in mind is like the greatest, biggest chevron bow on top.

Today I got the most knowing, loving smile. An elderly African American lady walked past my car today as I waited for Jack and 3 other football players to come out. His school is in an older part of town and there are always lots of pedestrians on the sidewalk.  This lady wore the clothes of a housekeeper with her silvery hair needly pinned in a bun at the nape of her neck. She glanced over her left shoulder, caught my glance and gave me the most genuine smile I have ever received. Love practically shot out of this woman’s wrinkles and on to me as I sat mindlessly waiting in the carpool line.

Why was I given such a gift today? Why was this nonverbal sign of love and affirmation shown to me by a stranger? After considering all of the possible motivations behind her familiar, loving grin I instantly realized that her smile had nothing to do with me and everything to do with HER. She reached out with to me with her beautiful, kind smile not because we are friends or even acquaintances. No, she was just filled with so much love that she had to share it. I’m telling you it arrested me and made me feel amazing.

On Maggie Lee for Good Day you may not be able to organize a food drive, give blood or mow your neighbor’s grass which is so unruly that toddlers get lost up in there. You may not crank out an awesome hot chocolate stand and catch the UPS guy’s attention. You may not find the white shoe polish to write “Happy Birthday Maggie Lee,” on your mini van with like you planned. And that’s ok. But you do have a face and if you’re not using it for The November cover of Vogue perhaps you could give a heart felt smile to someone…and here’s where it gets crazy…you don’t even know.

It costs so little to be kind. A few nano seconds to hold the door for someone, yield the right of way for a fellow motorist or look up directions on your phone for a confused person (I thank you in advance.) These tiny things are monumental because in doing them you demonstrate the belief that others have dignity not because of what they’ve made of themselves but merely because God made them. They breathe. That’s enough reason for me to be kind to them.

Your fifth Maggie Lee for Good Day. How will you use it…for good?

4 thoughts on “Drive Thru Hot Chocolate MLFG Project”

  1. Funny that you sent this with the timing that you did and more funny that I didn’t wait long to read it.
    While cycling in my neighborhood yesterday some stranger on a street a few blocks over called out to me to help him as I rode by. At first I couldn’t even hear what he said but I could tell he wanted to tell me something or ask me for something.
    The folks at the house where he was had discarded an old — and very heavy — TV set, but told him he could have it.
    So he needed help loading it into his old pickup truck.
    As I stopped and did this the thought of MLFGD immediately came to me.
    I guess I was getting a head start on it!

  2. You won’t believe it! It happened again today, on a different scale and level of “doing good.”

    Riding my bike around the neighborhood, and down my alley, I smelled — AND HEARD!! — gas seeping out of a gas meter from a home down the alley! I raced home and called Atmos Energy to come take care of that. I also went to the door of that house, and the two neighboring houses, with the intention of warning those folks to GET OUT FAST!
    No one answered at any of the homes, which is a good sign, and the Atmos guy arrived in 15-20 minutes and shut the thing off!
    But at least I was trying, and the home didn’t blow! Nor the neighborhood! : )

    Maybe I should just stay home and ride my bike each day? Then I can help out a lot of people? (shrug)

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