Inspired By… Maggie Lee for Good

Inspired By... Maggie Lee for Good

A tiny glimpse at the outpouring of kindness on October 29th, 2013, Maggie Lee for Good Day.
From Sweden to Shreveport, Carracas to California in a greater movement than we have ever seen, acts of kindness continued. Words limit our expression of awe that God has taken our worst nightmare and through your very hands woven something beautiful, enduring and impactful. Here are just a few of the great things which happened on MLFG 2013:

Our son Jack had a party for some precious kids from Bossier. They were paired up with some outstanding young men form Loyola. They fished together ate together and played a rousing game of football on Saturday, Oct. 26.

The AXO sorority from Baylor University collected socks for Maggie Lee’s Closet. Michelle Osborn had a doggie treat station for neighborhood dogs in Shreveport and Madeline and Melanie bought Chick-Fil-A for strangers in Houston.

Loyola Prep in Shreveport sold tickets for a free dress day on Halloween and raised money for Maggie Lee’s Closet. Coach Keel’s Loyola Basketball Team unloaded and carried all the donated books to Maggie Lee’s Closet.

Every school in Tifton, GA collected food for the Tift Co Foodbank. Cindy at Sunset Elementary School in Moultrie, GA gave treats to the staff as they do each year on Maggie Lee for Good day.

The Ponders from Shreve Island Elementary held a book collection at three Shreveport Schools. Lakeview Elementary in Trophy Club, TX had a toy drive for the Roanoke Food Pantry.

Colleen, Jeff and family held a hot chocolate stand and raised $600. for Maggie Lee’s Closet.
Tina in Shreveport delivered hot doughnuts to a fire station while Aprile & Debbie brought lunch to teachers at an under resourced school who rarely get such a treat. Madeline provided Bingo treats for an adult day care facility.

Whitney and Delaney collected 300 books for Cooks Children’s Hospital in Ft. Worth. Lin in San Diego collected coats for the homeless. LeAnn, a teacher in San Diego, bought new shoes for one of her students.

Abby in Shreveport shared her toys with a neighbor boy across the street while Kandee’s preschool class made a treat for the office workers at her Elementary School in Shreveport.

Judy brought Dunkin Doughnuts and warm coffee to the homeless on State Street in Chicago
Bill and Jody gave blood in Libertyville, IL. The Bossier City, LA Chick-Fil-A gave away cow calendars and gift cards at the top of every hour.

Joannie in Chicago, IL, paid for a young mom’s groceries and Teri in Shreveport paid for another young mom’s Halloween costumes for her kids. Katherine and her 5th grade students in Baden, Switzerland planned rainy-day recess for the younger classes and carried them out on Oct. 26.

Escuelo Campe Allegre in Caracas, Venezuela gave away cupcakes. First Baptist Church School in Shreveport collected towels for Robinson’s rescue, money for the Louisiana Association for the blind, socks and clothes and donations for Maggie Lee’s Closet.

Gina and kids held a costume party & collected socks in Frisco, TX while the AXO’s at LA Tech supported Maggie Lee’s Closet through t-shirt sales. Noel Methodist in Shreveport collected clothes for Maggie Lee’s Closet. Maureen and kids in St. Louis paid for unsuspecting customers bakery treats.

Kathy and Camille in Trophy Club, TX donated bean bag chairs and book cases for Maggie Lee’s Closet. Antonia in Brownwood and her dog gave free hugs on MLFG Day.

And then there was this from a Mom named Ashley who stayed in The Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill:
I can’t be 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure MLFG was behind the $200 donation to our stay at the UNC Chapel Hill Ronald McDonald house on 10/29. I don’t know who, but whoever you are, you will never, ever, EVER understand the blessing you were to us as we checked out this morning and found out our $330 bill was only going to be $130. But wait, the $100 bill we were given yesterday left us with only $30 to pay… and the lady at the desk at the RM house took care of that last $30. Your good deeds do not go unnoticed. Thank you so very, very much… ️️

I received an email from someone earlier in the month who told me that their family was paying the bill for this family on October 29th, so it was indeed a “Maggie Lee”- a good deed done on MLFG Day.

And so it goes, this simple idea of doing one act of kindness; deeds tiny and spontaneous or methodically planned. All of these beautiful deeds echo together for good.

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  1. Wonderful, Jinny.  Hats off to you, your family and many others throughout our country, and others!!   Judy

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