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Maggie Lee

Click here for video of Maggie Lee

Our daughter Maggie Lee has been gone for five years now. Life-changing acts of kindness have been done in her memory on every October 29th, Maggie Lee for Good Day, since 2009. To our astonishment, people in Germany, Venezuela, Haiti, Africa, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Chicago, Seattle, LA, Houston, Shreveport, Dallas, Jackson, Birmingham, Atlanta, San Antonio, St. Louis, New Orleans, Tifton,GA, San Diego, Austin, Denver, New York and hundreds of other places have participated.

I have met many new friends along this journey. Most people who celebrate MLFG Day have never even met Maggie Lee but were somehow impacted by her story, changed for good.  In compiling a new video for Maggie Lee for Good Day I came across this video linked above which I wanted to share with you. She looks pretty sleepy as she was sick a lot of her 6th grade year, but her spirit clearly shines though.

May we always keep in mind the beautiful gift we are given in each other and continue to share God’s love in ways that people can see and feel. As Maggie Lee said, “I really love The Lord and I want to put His work into my work. And I think with Him I can do all things.” Maggie Lee for Good.

3 thoughts on “Maggie Lee”

  1. I continue to be touched by your tender mother’s heart that shines on despite such unspeakable tragedy. You are a remarkable example of the mom we all strive to be like. From this mother’s heart to yours….((((hugs)))))

  2. Jinny, I would like to ask if you would be available December 3, 2014 – 11:00 am – 1:00 pm to speak to the Stonecroft Women’s Connection. We meet at East Ridge Country Club, 1st Wed of each month. My email- Phone – 219-0866 Cell/Text- 617-2111 Thank you,

    Mary Lou Tindall 318 219 0688


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