After 2 Hours of Taking Pictures

Right behind abdominal cramps and losing a six-pound bass inches from the boat come photo shoots on Jack’s list of beat-downs.  Despite his disdain for taking pictures at least he smiles on que now. Nice to have gotten past the “stare in the opposite direction of everyone in the picture” phase. He would be bodily present in the picture but made you regret forcing the issue. 

Jack has made significant strides in modeling. I gotta give him his due. But after 2 hours of Senior pictures we look up and notice Jack is striking the mother of all Harlequinn Romance Novel Cover poses. Pearl snap buttons unsnapped and face seriously funny. There is something so primal about humor. It is the language of choice in our family and Jack is a master linguist at it. 

Here’s to the class of 2017. How entertained we are by our Senior. 


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