Khaki Fair Uniform Give Away This Thursday!

BRAND NEW Khaki Fair Video here

Our sweet Maggie Lee passed away eight years ago and to honor her, we are once more having KhakiFair this Thursday, August 3rd at 520 Olive St. in Shreveport. We remember her in fun ways which makes the world a happier place. It’s a pretty great gig!

-What the HECK is Khaki Fair?

A free uniform give away to bless the children of Shreveport-Bossier from Kindergarden-8th GRADE. Maggie Lee’s Closet, a non-profit organization, is a year-round free clothing closet and Khaki Fair is the biggest party of the year.

Where is this fun event taking place?

520 Olive St. in Shreveport at 4 pm on Thursday, August 3rd. First-come, first-served.

-What do I need to bring if my child needs a uniform ?

Your CHILD. No uniforms will be given without kids present. 

-How can I get in on this fun deal?

Volunteer! We need 3 more sweet Maggieleestas to do nails for the event and 5 more uniform-deliverers. It’s fun, easy & organized in a way which makes it a breeze to hop in there & make peoples’ day. Please arrive by 3:30. Send a message to jinnyhenson’s FaceBook page or the MaggieLeeforGood FB page or post a comment.

If you feel inclined to give a tax-deductible donation to provide a uniform, you’re awesome that way. Uniforms are $25.00 and you may send a check to  Maggie Lee’s Closet  520 Olive St.   Shreveport, LA 71104

We have adorable donation cards so include a name & address of someone you’d like to honor with that donation and we’ll get that done.

Secure on-line donation instructions are also on maggieleeforgood.org

Thank you for reading this post and bringing goodness into the world.




2 thoughts on “Khaki Fair Uniform Give Away This Thursday!”

  1. I live in Whitehouse, Tx. just outside Tyler .I have wanted to write this for a long time.
    My hairdresser’s shop is across the street from the cemetery where Maggie Lee is buried. Each time I go I always think about her, & your family, & Pray. I even looked for her grave Christmas but could not find it. GOD BLESS

    1. Cheryl-
      Thank you so much for writing to me. I know exactly where Whitehouse is!
      If you enter the cemetery and continue to stay to the left you will see a henson cross near the last bend in the road on the West side

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