A New Dress for Picture Day

Maggie Lee’s Closet is an awesome responsibility. How ironic that in Maggie Lee’s 12 years of life her closet was a wreck and now the closet which bares her name is a beautiful, organized island of joyful fashion. This organization is owed to the brilliant volunteers who, unlike myself, have the faculty of both brain hemispheres compared with my one. 

This week Debbie, Aprile and Beth spent their days washing and ironing tubs of donations because they’re incredible. Lisa and Sharon joined me in the closet yesterday. Lisa has a law degree and is meticulously organized. Sharon is also degreed but more on the party-starter end of the spectrum. Lisa collected extra hangers and color-coded them while Sharon had the kids she assisted run a relay race to see if the new tennies “made them go faster.” The race shot the distance of our hall and the turn-around spot was the glass display case. Why is Lisa friends with us?

Soon after we opened a lady came by with a referral from Catholic Charities. She filled out the application and I asked if her child was with her. She was not but returned with her in an hour. Denise was so precious and when we three learned that she had Picture Day tomorrow we were the freaking Cinderella mice. We all brought dresses, Lisa found shoes and Sharon had the perfect finishing touch- a fringy bag from her daughter she had brought that day. 

Denise was a beautiful soul as was her grandmother. They had just moved from California and had nothing but a California Drivers Licence. They were lit up from the inside such lovely people. 

“I thought I would have to wear my uniform on Picture Day. I am so happy I came here.  I never want to leave!”

So that is what you have created my beautiful tribe. All of you who donate time, talent and treasure to Maggie Lee’s Closet. You create a moment in time where we get to whisper to these young souls that they are amazing and loved and that God has a great plan for their lives. 

2 thoughts on “A New Dress for Picture Day”

  1. Jinny, You have made Maggie Lee’s life such a beautiful thing through Maggie Lee For Good. Shirley would be so proud of all of you. I remember when I helped give a wedding shower for you and John. We never know what God has in mind for our lives.

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