Kindness Outlives Us

ML in 1998

***obviously a repost from this day in 2009***

3months ago today, Maggie Lee died. 10 months ago, she gave some of her Christmas money to our World Vision Friend in India, Rinky, to use for something extra. Today, I got the most radiant picture of Rinky in her school uniform and backpack: proof that our good deeds DO matter and DO live on beyond our years on earth. I love you, Maggie Lee! 




3 thoughts on “Kindness Outlives Us”

  1. I didn’t want to wash my face with tears today. That post was worth 1000 words (inspired by you to be like Jesus) and the photo is worth a million (I want to be blonde, and gorgeous!)

    Love you. Love your heart. You make it count! (#drewmode)

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