What Do You Want to Say to The World?

My friend, Ray Ford, asked something 10 years ago that has never left me. As Maggie Lee interviewed him for a paper she had to write on her desired profession (acting) he began with that question.

I reflect upon such as the air is thick with opinions and dishonesty, gloating and vitriol, conspiracies and just plain hatred. Emboldened and embittered tribes with no desire to understand much less listen can only repeat what they consider to be their point. They are right and others be wrong. Dreadfully, Hell-bound, idiotically wrong.

So, what do you want to say to our sweet and damaged world? And how will you say it? A time and place where all of these rancorous voices exist in cacophonous freedom because a crazy experiment called America actually worked decades go. What can you inject into Social Media, water cooler conversations and your every day chatter with your children that is true, good and necessary?

If the take away from 18 years under our roofs is a list of who is wrong and deserves our hate then perhaps a reset would be beneficial. What we say en route to soccer practice and Honor Society and certainly church matters and will long outlive us, God willing. Children have an excellent ear for hypocrisy. Just correct them on gossip and then make a sly comment in carpool line about someone’s tight pants or face lift and see what happens.

What we have to say to and about our world and other human beings matters. The words we use matters. Every evil person on the outside of our tribe is someone God ADORES. Is that even within the realm of possibility? Certainly. He adores us.



















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