With Life as Short as a Half-Taken Breath


I am inspired by those serving the least of these who really just have no business doing so; expending their limited energies on others. So often it is not the ones with unlimited resources of time, talent and treasure who are the helpers in this life.

I received a Maggie Lee for Good Project email from a retired teacher named Mary Ann. She and son, Alan, have been on an exhausting caregiver roller coaster this year. Husband and Father Ken has been hospitalized four times this year, the last time he actually coded in the E.R. and revived. If anyone deserves a pass on this year’s sowing, it is this family.

Each October 29th The Stowes have opened their home for a Halloween Party. There is always a movie shown in the backyard and plenty of food. Their non profit emphasis is The Star of Hope Mission which serves a cross-section of very poor Houstonians. Items like towels and toiletries are requested when Mary Ann issues invitations.

This year there will not be a party but yet there was still a request for donations and a commitment of this family to look out for others despite their drained resources, sleepless nights and medical anxiety.

These people are planting love. Overwhelmed and certainly entitled to have a year off from bringing goodness into the world in memory of Maggie Lee, they continue on. I am amazed by the generosity of spirit which God implants in a human soul.

May we all live with hands open when tempted to clinch them tight, eyes focused on God and not our burdens, spirits alive with kindness while it’s still called today.

No other crop will do. Let other fools sow hatred and foment disdain. For the sake of your own soul plant love.









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