Topo-Keto Dreamsicle

Topo Chico (Spanish for Top Boy) is a delicious mineral water which is extremely popular in Texas. Topo Chico is even available in vending machines at Texas Tech. The bubbly kick from a beautiful glass bottle seems special and is reminiscent of drinking a real Coke. It seems fancy but at $7.88 for a case of 12, it serves as a reasonable splurge.

For my friends avoiding sugar or who will be giving the vice up for Lent, I have a sweet little recipe that came together after my radical decision to buy groceries today. I had to go to the “Pajama Brookshire’s” for obvious reasons. Best morning ever snuggling dogs and catching up with friends.

Alas, was born from my incredible bounty of actual food inside my house: the simple-to-make Topo-Keto Dreamsicle. If you want a sweet treat this is a low-carb dream.

1 Topo Chico Mineral Water (my fave)

1 shot Orange Tangerine Mio

I shot Nestlé Sugar Free Italian Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer (15 calories/ 2 carbs)


1 Tbsp Whipping Cream (50 calories 0 carbs)

Combine all ingredients in a separate, larger glass to prevent a volcano. Let me know what you think!











2 thoughts on “Topo-Keto Dreamsicle”

  1. Yes. Supplies on the list right now. May have to substitute another bubbly water……… Thank you, dear Jinny!

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