I Don’t Say God is Love

I don’t say God is love to use your reaction as a litmus test to determine if you are in my camp and therefore right. I do not proclaim it because if you disagree you are a mission project in need of taking on. I share this foundational truth which I believe holds the world together because you will need it someday.

Parents who believed this truth raised me in church. I took to God’s word much like athletes to sport probably because there were no prerequisites required. I need not be brilliantly best at anything to receive this love which was the greatest truth ever. Late at night during the Summer, I would gaze at the moon and feel as though God had spun it there just to show His love for me.

The aim of my life was to know God and make God known. I felt the great cloud of witnesses from Hebrews cheering me on as I walked through my life. I always loved the encouragement that it mattered how I lived.

Like all of us if we live long enough, I arrived at a circumstance which far outstripped my strength. Devoid of easy answers, bereft of logic and deeper than any platitude could ever plumb was God’s love. Steelier than the fuzzy, Kaopectate-colored relief, this was gritty enough to fall into my deepest sadness and spring hope in due time.

I believe love is the only answer, the highest call and the timeless balm for which our charred souls long. God’s fierce, street-fighter, Mama’s love has sustained and educated me in the the wee hours of my soul’s dilapidation. I was tore up from the floor up. And was seen through.

God’s love is for the many not the few. His aim is to draw his children close and as one who is one child short, I can tell you that there is nothing you could ever do to quench that love. Nothing. If we love our children this way, just imagine how unfailing the love of our Heavenly Father is for us. All of us. You are invited to stick your toe in the stream but I know with all my being’s fibers (all the fibers) that you will want to dive deep and float in the river of grace and peace you find.

I implore you not to come over to any side of the aisle and believe exactly as I do, but rather to lean into this lavish love of God and be warmed by the relieving glow. All that is required is the will to defrost.












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