Generous Girls Are Gorgeous Girls

This is St. Louis Mo. (Maureen) My beloved Baylor roomie whose laugh registered right below mine on the obnoxometer. The one with whom I would leave Collins Hall and walk around campus in my p.j.’s at midnight. Because College.

She and her daughter, Katherine, were planning to help with Khaki Fair last year when they received the news that Kat’s CT Scan revealed the need for another 10 hour surgery. She came through like a champ, dealt with a partially-shaved head and recovery.

Not to be denied, they are here this year! Mo made good on her promise and is here to experience KF in the flesh! Since all she knows of this part of the world is Duck Dynasty (and is quite a Sadie fan!) I am ecstatic for her to see my beautiful Highland people tomorrow! God is so sweet sometimes I can scarcely believe it.







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