Maggie Lee for Good

Continues for the 13th year. Get excited!!!

We feel the message of kindness, joy and God’s redemption has never been needed any more than it is right now. How wonderful it is to see this legacy of love continue. Thank you ALL for being super spreaders of that love!

Maggie Lee’s Closet in Shreveport has grown into a brand new space (same building but has moved to the back side of The Highland Center) and our grand re-opening, along with The Little Clothesline (birth-5T) is on Oct. 29th. ❤️❤️❤️

A super fun side note; our son, Jack (currently working on a Masters degree in Forestry / Hydrology from SFA) is getting married to Sweet Katie, a middle school / high schoolmate. I know it’s hard to imagine he’s old enough to have graduated college and be getting married, but his heart is taken and so are both of ours!

Bless you all who have followed our story. Calvin Miller had said that “humans have a story-shaped mind.” As I read the stories in God’s word and in the lives of other people it gives me a hopeful foothold that all is ultimately well and that redemption is undeniable.

maggieleeforgood.org 144 Patton Ave Shreveport, La 71105

Maggie Lee’s Closet 520 Olive St. Shreveport, La 71104

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