Super Natural

I am sitting at my desk stacked with pink mailing bags; the final t-shirt orders for Maggie Lee for Good 2022. Next Saturday will be the 14th year we have celebrated our child’s birthday long-distance.

The list of good deeds performed and non-profits helped continues to grow as any healthy entity does. We walk with a limp as any parent in this lane does but would be fools to ignore how beautiful our lives are.

I glanced at the photo on my desk. The one of Ms. Evelyn Adams and me at The Scoggin’s church pool party. I prominently display her likeness to remind me to study my Bible more. She was the most caring, Christ-like woman I have ever met. She loved reading books to the Lighthouse kids.

Those of you who have your faves in Heaven will get this, those of you who don’t could think I’m insane and help yourself to that impression. No worries. I looked at Evelyn with this big Christmas toy drive coming up next Saturday for MLFG Day and just asked her for some help.

I have no clue what is heard on the other side and no desire to change anyone’s mind about it. But, I went into the kitchen to open the Amazon boxes John brought in and unpacked this:

These books for our Christmas toy drive came from my friend Jennifer Jolin in Ft. Worth. She lost her husband just months ago. I thought how generous and precious of her, texted a photo and thanked her and then I returned to my desk. And once more saw Evelyn who reminds me to read my Bible. And once more saw Evelyn and remembered I just asked her to do me a solid, send a little help.

The dropped and I literally LOL’ed. I do not pretend to know the back story of how the after life works, just what I read in scripture and there is a lot left to the imagination. But, I do know that God is kind and shows off when we are feeling overwhelmed. I do know that people who live unto God and lean into life with passionate purpose have spirits which reverberate forever.

I am just a mom celebrating a birthday with an eternal 12-year-old on October 29th. Trusted too short a time with that treasure. A mom grateful for the thousands who have done a good deed in her memory on Maggie Lee for Good Day. Not for us or even the memory of her but because God is perpetually bringing beauty from the tough breaks, sending waves of mercy to help us hang on; sometimes through us and sometimes to us.

You’re invited to join the wave. I’d love to highlight whatever kindness you portray because we can never have enough good examples of love. 🤍

jinny henson

shreveport, la

#maggieleeforgood #kindnessmatters #humankindness #mariashriver #dogood

1 thought on “Super Natural”

  1. Your beautiful words always hit me hard, but this particular post comes two days after we celebrated Emily’s 29th birthday. TWENTY NINE! First, how could I even possibly be this old? I remember those early days when time seemed to be passing, but I was stuck in neutral. But somehow, life got easier and it became happy again. Mike and I talked at her grave of our children who certainly would never have come into our lives had she lived. We serve a powerful God who brought us so far and so lovingly gave us such amazing gifts along the way.

    I think often of you and that incredible child of yours. You continue to inspire so many with your faith and positivity after such tragedy and I so admire you for that! Maggie Lee must be so so proud of her momma! I hope you are all well!

    Love y’all!

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