Sharing God's Love, Toddler Fun, Valentine's Day

Toddlers Make Great Valentine’s Day Props

It’s amazing what some slick paint, coat hangers, pantyhose and willing toddlers can equal in a pinch.

This scrapbook page is from Valentine’s Day, 2000. Maggie Lee’s Shirt said, “Will you be…” and Jack’s followed with, “Mommy’s Valentine?” He wasn’t too hip on the wings but got waaaay into the bow and arrow.

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable! Share God’s boundless love in creative ways with those closest to you as well as strangers who need a little dose of fun today.

If you keep an extra box of chocolates in your car, I can PROMISE you that God will show you one person today who needs them.  Then, share your stories with me, I love a good one.