God’s Rhythm

When we listen to our lives and the beat of the world around us, we catch a rhythm. Dictated by circumstances, we hum a happy tune if we tick off our to-do’s with few interruptions and everyone in our home has clean underwear and a decent attitude that day.  If we get a pink slip, a last-minute request for 2 dozen cookies or a call from the principal, that tune is the blues. 

Because we are human, we will always have emotional reactions to events, but, God’s rhythm is totally different from the knee-jerk cacophony of our unchecked lives. God’s beat of love, peace and joy transcends anything that could ever happen to us in this life and continues on beautifully to the next

I have found that there are a few distractions which clang loudly and drown out God’s peaceful beat in my life. The first is over commitment.

The world moves to the frenetic speed of over commitment; a plague in our society. We have esteemed activity over rest. That misguided feeling that unless our children get into the right preschool and have a calendar booked with extracurricular activities each day that they will fall behind.

Oswald Chambers once said, “The great enemy in the life of faith in God is not sin, but the good which is not good enough.” Likewise, it is not our involvement in bad activities, but rather too many good ones which prevents us from hearing God’s rhythm. This Ash Wednesday,  consider what you can purge from your life today to begin to untangle the web of over commitment. It will help you cut the noise pollution and make way for God’s rhythm.


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