A Great Lenten Message

I am so glad that since my husband is a preacher that he is good at it.  I mean, it would be a pretty miserable gig to have to sit through a lifetime of bad sermons and not ever be able to change churches. I guess your only option would be to change husbands.  Bummer.

There are some thing that John does not do well. Unlike his wife,  he is not perfect. I remember walking into our first apartment and seeing him bang dough repeatedly on the counter for a shepherd’s pie. The Play dough at Kinderplatz Fine Arts Preschool where I worked, I am sure tasted better.

You don’t want the guy ANYWHERE near electricity. When he installed his first ceiling fan, I stood by with a 2 x 4 in case an I had to smack him to disconnect him from an electrical current. Thankfully, my pummeling skills were unneccessary that day.

But one thing I must admit is that he inspires me every Sunday. I love to speak at Women’s events but could never write a sermon on a weekly basis (or, as in the case of this week, write 2 sermons.)

From our “salad years,” ministering in Gatesville, Texas, to pastoring a church of hundreds, John has taken the responsibility of rightly dividing God’s word incredibly seriously.   I have attached a link to sermon he preached today.  I am truly inspired. Just don’t ask for him to cook dinner.


1 thought on “A Great Lenten Message”

  1. I’ll second that, Jinny, your husband delivers an inspiring sermon. Not many of us choose our wilderness experiences, as Jesus did, but what a comfort to know we needn’t navagate them alone.

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