A Great Lenten Message

I am so glad that since my husband is a preacher that he is good at it.  I mean, it would be a pretty miserable gig to have to sit through a lifetime of bad sermons and not ever be able to change churches. I guess your only option would be to change husbands.  Bummer.

There are some thing that John does not do well. Unlike his wife,  he is not perfect. I remember walking into our first apartment and seeing him bang dough repeatedly on the counter for a shepherd’s pie. The Play dough at Kinderplatz Fine Arts Preschool where I worked, I am sure tasted better.

You don’t want the guy ANYWHERE near electricity. When he installed his first ceiling fan, I stood by with a 2 x 4 in case an I had to smack him to disconnect him from an electrical current. Thankfully, my pummeling skills were unneccessary that day.

But one thing I must admit is that he inspires me every Sunday. I love to speak at Women’s events but could never write a sermon on a weekly basis (or, as in the case of this week, write 2 sermons.)

From our “salad years,” ministering in Gatesville, Texas, to pastoring a church of hundreds, John has taken the responsibility of rightly dividing God’s word incredibly seriously.   I have attached a link to sermon he preached today.  I am truly inspired. Just don’t ask for him to cook dinner.


One thought on “A Great Lenten Message

  1. I’ll second that, Jinny, your husband delivers an inspiring sermon. Not many of us choose our wilderness experiences, as Jesus did, but what a comfort to know we needn’t navagate them alone.

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