Maggie Lee Henson Celebration of Caring

This April  16th at The Barnwell Center in Shreveport, LA, people from every walk of life will gather for a free, common meal and with one simple purpose; to celebrate caring in our community.

Community Renewal International renamed its annual event for Maggie Lee when they witnessed what good deeds were done in our community on Maggie Lee for Good Day 2009.

There will be face painting, a great spread for lunch, free pet pictures benefitting Robinson’s Rescue low-cost animal clinic, music and a coloring contest. You can print off this picture, color and mail or fax it back to be a part (if you are 8 yrs old or under:)

We are excited and would LOVE to see you there!  https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=106968539385583

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