To All you Mothers

With the kids in bed, the cards long-since opened and the spoiling replaced by laundry hurriedly done before tomorrow when we hop on the hamster wheel and do it all again, I wanted to write you a note.

I saw you in Jackson, Mississippi at The Batson children’s Hospital ICU with your 8-year old granddaughter who looked four because she was so contracted. You worked full-time and came to stay with her at night to relieve your daughter.

I caught you at Target putting back those flip-flops because there were already too many things your kids needed in the cart and you figured you could get them next time.

I noticed your sweetness as you took the time to welcome the new child in class and made sure he had a friend to sit with at lunch.

I witnessed your long journey from The Brookshire’s parking lot because your toddler wanted to walk and you took the time to let her do so.

I marveled at the way your teenager gave you a knowing glance and you both erupted in laughter even though you wanted to throttle each other.

I know that there is nothing you would not do for your child. And that is your gift this Mother’s Day- the satisfaction that you’ve done the most important job ever extremely well.

I know. I’ve seen you.

7 thoughts on “To All you Mothers”

  1. I’ve seen you taking care of Maggie Lee’s teachers and friends as we still grieve for her and love you, John & Jack. Thank you, Jinny, for showing us how to stay in this world and take steps forward when all we want to do is disappear. I love you, too. You’ve Mothered us so unselfishly and shared your deepest feelings. God bless and keep you, sweet girl.

  2. You never cease to amaze me. God (with MAYBE a little help from your dad – HA) gave you a wonderful “way with words!” That you have managed to use them these past 20+ months to comfort the rest of us is unbelievable. Your precious daughter will live in our hearts forever because of your incredible willingness to share.

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