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Our Dear Jay

Jay Greenleaf died Tuesday Night.

At 49, this loving Christian husband and  father was on the golf course when lightning struck close enough to him to usher him away from those who love him most.

I thought I was un-shockable. I was wrong.  As I glanced down at his picture on the front of his program on Saturday, I thought, “Great picture of Jay. What in the world are we doing celebrating his life? How can his be?”

An instrumental force in launching Church for The Highlands less than a year ago, Jay was a master at showing people Jesus’ love and compassion, not just content with knowing of it himself.

Besides delivering Meals on Wheels and serving on a myriad of boards, Jay invested his life in his precious wife, Aprile, children Sam, Dylan and Maddie, their friends and so many other people.

John and Jay became fast friends when Jay asked John to coach Upwards Basketball with him 4 years ago. Our girls were in the same grade and John thought it would be fun. Little did he know when he agreed that Jay was the Bobby Knight of Upwards Basketball.

A guy whom he coached spoke at his service Saturday. He said of Jay, “I was clumsy, I’d fall down. A lot. But, Coach always encouraged me to get up.”

I think that’s a pretty amazing epitaph, don’t you?

1 thought on “Our Dear Jay”

  1. The service was certainly a celebration of life. There was no drama or heart wrenching melodies played, just thoughtful and sincere tunes and words. I even picked out a clever arrangement of When the Saints Go Marching in at one point. I think Jay would have liked that. Just as I know that Jay would want us to carry on and roll up our sleeves for our church in his absence. I feel he will be watching, supporting us every step of the way.

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