Jack’s Deep Thoughts

Last week, Jack was asked by one of Caddo Middle Magnet School’s counselors, Mrs. Guerrero, to speak at a meeting for parents of prospective students. This event was geared toward private school parents whose children recently tested for CMM.  I asked him what he planned to say about an hour before the event just to make sure he would not quote Hank Hill or something. Ya just neva know.

Seated next to me at home, Jack gathered his thoughts and a serious visage overcame him. He then launched into a speech about how a CMM Teacher is like a triangle (thank you, creative writing teacher, Mrs.Phelps!) He explained how teachers have three sides: 1. Relatable (to students)  2. Academic (they’re smart) and 3. Fun (they involve the 5 senses….Jack struggles to remember all 5 in the video which is the best part.)

Principal Burton said that Jack had a career in either politics or pastoring…you decide.

3 thoughts on “Jack’s Deep Thoughts”

  1. Awesome! Our little Jack is growing up..so handsome and such a great communicator, just like his mom and dad!! Love you guys!

  2. Love it! Teaching works too…he was relatable (standing in front of a group is not easy), smart (he knew what he wanted to say, and did it well), and fun (very entertaining and candid). Good job Jack!

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