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Above and Beyond Expectation

Sometimes life is surreal in awful ways and sometimes life is surreal in just plain wonderful ones.

Maggie Lee for Good the movement turned paperback is proof of that.

Last Wednesday Night was one of those surreal moments. As I sat and listened to Lauri tell the story of losing her 12-day-old daughter and quote words from the book back to me, it was a wonderfully odd sensation. I was burdened by her great loss yet thankful that she found comfort this book.

It seems my main ministry bent in life has been reminding people how deeply God is in love with them. I felt in High School that God really just got a bad rap; like I had this secret which drew me into seeing God in a little different way. Not that I had earned that intimacy but that somehow God gave me this profound knowledge that He was real and actively loving me as well as those around me each day.

Like an inside joke almost was this relationship I excitedly shared, not to win people over to my way of thinking but just to express the profound truth that God is crazy about each of us. Mainly that if God could love someone like me then you are totally in like Flynn.

Jaimie, a friend I met through Maggie Lee’s Caringbridge site three years ago has been longing to express God’s love to a coworker of hers. She wrote this to me this week;

“I have a coworker who always makes sarcastic comments about Christianity. I’ve been praying for her and looking for ways to reach out to her with God’s love.  Last night after work, she made a remark and I felt prompted to take out my Maggie Lee for Good book as the best way to start the conversation. I started reading and she immediately asked what I was reading. I began telling her about Maggie Lee and offered to let her borrow it. She started crying by page 3. I know that God will use His word to plant a seed in her. Maggie Lee for Good.”

Honestly there are millions who are sullied about Christianity and probably some valid reasons why they are. But, as the story we have unfortunately been entrusted with explains, God still loves us. Yes, God allows horrible tragedy. He doesn’t intervene to compensate for the poor choices we make as human beings but even that free will is a loving gift which in his generous restraint he gives.

Maggie Lee for Good was a labor of love for us. I felt an obligation to put down on paper the agony of losing part of my soul and the ecstacy of watching thousands of friends and strangers do a good deed on her birthday. Whether 100 or 1000 people wanted to read the book really didn’t matter to me as it was the only item on my bucket list when I began over 18 months ago.

To our amazement within a week, Maggie Lee for Good cracked the Amazon top 50 for Christian Living Hot New Releases. People like Jaimie have reached out to us to tell us how God has reminded them of his love through this little blue book.

Completely above and beyond expectation.

3 thoughts on “Above and Beyond Expectation”

  1. I love you Jinny Henson!!!
    I read this through tears that refused to stop stinging my eyes.
    What inspiration. What incredible, wonderful, precious, Godly inspiration.
    I am constantly in awe of your ability to share goodness and love….even during times of pain. Blows my ever-lovin’ mind sometimes!
    So, like I said… I love you!!
    I CANNOT WAIT to have that little blue book in my eager hands!!!

  2. Jinny,
    Thanks for keeping me in the loop.  You so eloquently express God’s miracle of grace that brings us perfect peace in devastating circumstances.
    We have passed 11years since LeAnna’s death.  The wound has turned from scabs to scar that will always be there to remind us of our loss but God continues to grant the power to cope with life without her.
    Her beloved Jonathan finally last October married a lovely girl who has become a wonderful part of our extended family.  Talk about miracles.  She and Jonathan continue to bring joy to the Grooms family.  
    I have shared your post with a friend who is attending a grief conference this weekend.  She lost a young adult son in a motorcycle accident last fall.  Maggie Lee is continuing to speak to others through you.
    Greetings also to John and Jack. 

  3. Jinny,
    You are an inspiration to so many people! But, you always have been… I am blessed to call you my friend. I love you!!

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