Laughter=Good Meds

“Comedy is defiance. It’s a snort of contempt in the face of fear and anxiety. And it’s the laughter that allows hope to creep back on the inhale.” –Will Durst

I have received several comments about the humorous moments in the book Maggie Lee for Good. While the story is obviously serious, some truly funny things happened to us which brought that creeping inhalant of hope which comic Will Durst so aptly describes.

From page 20:

“There were moments of lightness in this bleak time for us. While staying in the home of a Northminster Baptist member, our friends Gary and Sharon had come to visit to bring consolation and a cooler of Happy Bellies frozen custard, Maggie Lee’s favorite frozen treat. Gary and John took the first vigil, and I took the second; Aunt Jinny picked me up when the nurses changed shifts and visitors were not allowed. John convinced Gary to stay at the house instead of making the four-hour drive back to Shreveport as was his original plan. It was dark outside when I went to the master bedroom where John and I took turns sleeping. Jack was down the hall.

I entered the bedroom quietly so I would not disturb John, brushed my teeth, and faced the dresser to fold the blanket I had used for a shawl. John leaned up from the bed and asked how I was doing with his voice a bit lower than normal. I turned his direction and noticing that something was off, I asked, “Did you get a haircut yesterday?” Then realization dawned on me. Horrified that I was mere feet away from a bed where another woman’s husband had been sleeping, I bolted from the room screaming, “Gary Mazzanti’s in my bed!” and ran down the hall.

The whole house woke up to my shrieks. Everyone was relieved to learn it was a mere misunderstanding. It gave way to roaring laughter-a glorious exercise we needed desperately.”

Laughter is good medicine. I love to be around funny people, particularly those with a stealth undercurrent of humor like my friend, Aprile. She and her daughters visited her son who is studying abroad in Maastricht, Netherlands. She took her MLfG Book and sent hilarious pictures back. My favorite was a statue with the little blue book in his left hand.  I’m not certain who shimmied up the statue to position the book or what by-standers must’ve thought of the action, but the picture made me roll and inhale hope.

1 thought on “Laughter=Good Meds”

  1. Bless you Jin. You know, I think I’ve told you this at one point this past year, but in case not….

    …humor has gotten me,through kat’s diagnosis and treatment and gut- wrenching doctor visits. Often I’ve wondered if her docs think I’m sacrilege or just plain rude, BC my humor through this has been and can be off the cuff, sarcastic, and completely random. I’ve just come out and said, ” this is how I roll – with humor- so I hope this is ok with you.” thankfully, our main doc has totally rolled with it – so much so that he gives it back to us. I am so grateful for that! God, humor, a dose of sarcasm – I’ve needed all of those together. I’m glad you wrote this today!

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