What You Water Grows

This past October I got 4 pie-sized pumpkins and wrote the letters, “M, L, F and G” on them for Maggie Lee for Good Day, naturally.  I perched them on our micro-balcony as a fun decoration.

Eventually I took them down and since pumpkins are winter keepers, I put them in our bricked-in planter box in the backyard attached to the garage. Various perrinials spring up throughout the year and I try to have something blooming there at all times.

Eventually the pumpkins broke down, probably assisted by a hungry varmit or two. I paid little attention to the decomposition but watered the boxes along with my flowers in the back which I enjoy immensely. We use the back door exclusively and I am cheered by pretty blooms  whenever  I come or go.

Imagine my happy surprise when I noticed a pumpkin vine trailing the planter box. The gourds had not even fully decomposed but the seeds had found their way to the soil and I had watered. Which reminded me that what we water grows.

My friend, Kandee was less than impressed with my earth-shaking discovery. “Yea, you would have known that was coming if you were in my pre-school class, Jin.” And yet, I was stunned. I watered and it grew.

And so it is. What we water will grow. If we water anxiety and fear the budding problems to come tomorrow we will be blind to the goodness our lives are steeped in today. If we train ourselves to look for blessings to count then they will multiply.

Little is as important as the garden of our minds.

What you water grows. What are you watering today?

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