A Cord of Three Strands

“You cannot listen or love in a hurry.”

John Ortberg

Listening and loving is costly. Ask any of my friends blessed with the task of collaborating with God to encourage me. It has been humbling and reviving to my soul in my worst seasons.

But this day; one day which will never be repeated, you can be a strand! You have a force of kindness within you ready to bring to bear all the resources of heaven for someone today.

Perhaps nothing as splashy as a harrowing fire rescue or as obvious as making an enormous public donation is needed today. Maybe it is and if so, make it happen! But perhaps our faith is begging to be played out in a tiny way.

When faith is alive within a soul you can practically see it. All they do is accompanied by a quiet yet powerful force from heaven. This is the spiritual strand which makes ways straight and strengthens the weak arms for the task.

I have been joined by those who bring 2/3 of what I need in that moment to feel whole and it is life-changing. Have you? Will you?








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