Ancestry Hint

I got this hint tonight from Ancestry.com:

The crazy part is that hints are supposed to be about buxom gals like Irene here with vintage hairdos and lost love thanks to WW2. Not your child. Such a hint defies all logic and the word obituary next to her name still looks like a huge typo.

Yet Ancestry has it right. We will all one day have our names followed by the word obituary. No matter our age or buxomness or hairstyle, we are all just passing through. We all are granted a space and time here in this temporary home. While the seen is temporary….that blessed unseen, why that’s eternal.

So, what hints will you leave for others to find the truth that God loves them and has a purpose for them? What kindness can you share to restore their hope that all is not lost and they should persevere? What answer to a prayer could your listening ear be? What could our world look like if we all fiercely loved one another?

Maggie Lee Henson may certainly a name with an obituary on Ancestry.com but her spirit of kindness lives on. Maggie Lee for Good Day has already begun. October 29th. One day, one deed, one difference. Take a hint, give a hand. Leave an everlasting mark.












1 thought on “Ancestry Hint”

  1. I Love you and all you stand for. Money will not bring her back physically. I will donate $1000. Jeanne

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