MLFG this time last week a day of joy kicked off and I am still glowing! I know I look sleepily ecstatic here in this one.

Rich is the woman who lives in a community who will trudge out in a thunderstorm to donate Christmas toys by the hundreds to bless children they’ve never met.

Rich is the woman with a family, church & biological who loves remember their child who lives in Heaven now.

Rich is the woman with friends who will try to bring to life her vision of a balloon Christmas Tree from a crazy brain with zero actual instructions and only a hunch that it will work and blow up 200 balloons using a CAR INFLATOR and a butt load of tenacity.

Rich is she to be surrounded by women of every station, color, age and personality bent who love God and others as a daily course, just as naturally as they breathe.

Rich is the woman who sees far and wide the love and goodness which is still alive and well in our world. I am the wealthiest woman I know!




















2 thoughts on “FILTHY RICH”

  1. Rich are we that call you wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, aunt, treasured friend, and everyone else who has and continues to be blessed by your dedication to others in our Savior’s name!!

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