Live Free

If Christ has set us free we are free indeed. -John 8:36

What if today I lived free?

Free from my desperate need to be right about all things at all times.

Free from the policing role of those with whom I disagree. Waiting, just waiting for the chance for them to reveal something which offends me.

Free from the burden of unanswered questions.

Free of past entanglements I hide in my deepest heart-part.

Free of anger which it turns out is actually hurt. (Tricky, right?)

Free of comparison, blissfully ignorant of the purported perfections of others lives, spouses, alma maters, vacations and super-human, over-achieving children/ grandchildren/ pets. (Dogs expressly excluded)

Free to see what lies before me. Not tomorrow or in five years. Before my very eyes right now.

Free to simply care for those trusted to me. To guide gently, leaving the outcome to God who loves them more than we can fathom.

Free to hold my tongue.

Free to let loose of a grudge.

Free to live Heaven on earth.

Free to intervene in other’s Hell on earth without worrying about what it will cost us financially, reputationally or chronologically. (I know I’m taking poetic license here Aunt Holly, but just go w me)

Free to breathe in and out and know that the God who wove us together in our mother’s womb surrounds us with utter love, peace and joy.

I will give this a whirl today. How about you?
















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