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SO a God Thing!

When Maggie Lee was in Second Grade at Lakeview Elementary, I remember her rushing into my car at carpool line, bursting with excitement to share an amazing story. Eyes wide and face dancing with animation, she exclaimed, “Listen to THIS, Mommy….This is SO a God thing!”

Well, today, on the second anniversary of the bus wreck, SO a God thing happened that I could not keep this to myself.

Colleen Gibbs has been my bff since 7th grade. She was there for my first comedic performance at Camp Tejas. She worked in meeting planning for 12 years until I finally convinced her to book my events since both halves of her brain actually work. For her precious family’s Maggie Lee for Good project last October 29th, they held an art show at their home. This was no ordinary art show, there was a prayer station for my family, a build-your-own snack station and a fabulous display of Kathleen and Meredith’s art work.

Incredibly, The Doucettes raised $305.00 with this project and decided to donate the entire amount to our World Vision Child in East Khasi Hills, India; a girl named Rinky. Amazingly, just today when we returned from our trip to Houston, (Mimi got a new knee, LOOK OUT WORLD!) we received a letter dated 16/Feb/2011, thanking us for the donation. On October 29th, 2010, three precious curly-haired girls took on an art show as their Maggie Lee for Good Labor of Love. July 12th, 2011, their kindness boomerang-ed and fell into our laps at a most opportune time.

And, without a doubt, that is SO a God thing.

East Khasi Hills Area Development Program

“Greeting from me and my Family. Once again thank you very much for your love and your support to me and my family. I have received the gift you send me through World Vision. With this money we have spent school fees, school uniform, school bags, Gass Chulaspot, text books, exercise book and trousercloth. These items are very useful for me and my brother and my sister. It has helped the burden of my father. We do not have anything to give you in return but only my gratefulnessand gratitude and prayers for you. God bless you.”

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Our Dear Jay

Jay Greenleaf died Tuesday Night.

At 49, this loving Christian husband and  father was on the golf course when lightning struck close enough to him to usher him away from those who love him most.

I thought I was un-shockable. I was wrong.  As I glanced down at his picture on the front of his program on Saturday, I thought, “Great picture of Jay. What in the world are we doing celebrating his life? How can his be?”

An instrumental force in launching Church for The Highlands less than a year ago, Jay was a master at showing people Jesus’ love and compassion, not just content with knowing of it himself.

Besides delivering Meals on Wheels and serving on a myriad of boards, Jay invested his life in his precious wife, Aprile, children Sam, Dylan and Maddie, their friends and so many other people.

John and Jay became fast friends when Jay asked John to coach Upwards Basketball with him 4 years ago. Our girls were in the same grade and John thought it would be fun. Little did he know when he agreed that Jay was the Bobby Knight of Upwards Basketball.

A guy whom he coached spoke at his service Saturday. He said of Jay, “I was clumsy, I’d fall down. A lot. But, Coach always encouraged me to get up.”

I think that’s a pretty amazing epitaph, don’t you?

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Katie’s Song

Katie Ashcraft, a dear friend of Maggie Lee’s, composed this beautiful song for her. Katie is such a sweet, sweet young lady. One time when a classmate was picking on Katie, Maggie Lee took her aside and taught her how to stand up for herself. Maggie Lee told me that she gave Katie, “Mean Lessons” that day.

Listen only if there is Kleenex available. 🙂 We love you, Katie

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Maggie Lee for Good Video

Every week from somewhere in the world, John and I get stories about someone’s Maggie Lee for Good Project. Maggie Lee for Good was a grass-roots movement which people committed to do one act of kindness on Maggie Lee’s birthday: October 29th.

It is truly amazing to consider the ripples of kindness which keep echoing in the world. God is obviously in MLFG because it is a movement which just keeps growing. From India to Africa and all over the country, people continue to show God’s love in tangible ways.

Enjoy the video and if you would like to join MLFG, please do so here:

Video link:

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Toddlers Make Great Valentine’s Day Props

It’s amazing what some slick paint, coat hangers, pantyhose and willing toddlers can equal in a pinch.

This scrapbook page is from Valentine’s Day, 2000. Maggie Lee’s Shirt said, “Will you be…” and Jack’s followed with, “Mommy’s Valentine?” He wasn’t too hip on the wings but got waaaay into the bow and arrow.

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable! Share God’s boundless love in creative ways with those closest to you as well as strangers who need a little dose of fun today.

If you keep an extra box of chocolates in your car, I can PROMISE you that God will show you one person today who needs them.  Then, share your stories with me, I love a good one.